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About us


Cliff (@MicBlade)               CO-OWNER

Cliff, also known as "Mic Blade" in the barber world began his journey driven pure passion for the art of barbering. A newcomer to the game he has quickly risen thru the ranks to become one of South Jersey's premier men's grooming specialists. Before becoming the infamous Mic Blade, he was a successful entrepreneurial presence in the business world eager to build generational wealth and solidify himself and his family.

Rich (@2setFadez)                CO-OWNER

Rich Tousett, also known in the barber world as "2setfadez" started cutting hair as a freshman in high school. Artistically gifted, he was intrigued by the idea of creating art on live models. This 20yr veteran has done everything from showcasing as a platform artist at some of the major hair shows such as IBS in New York, Premiere Beauty Show in Orlando, to hosting his own Barber Expo at the Atlantic City Convention center.
More recently, Rich has pursued his dream of being not only a shop owner and instructor but also opening up a barber school.


Vince (@Scoop_Izm)        LICENSED BARBER

Vince, also known as Scoop; made the ultimate decision to dedicate his time to his passion of cutting hair and becoming a licensed barber in 2019. Making the transition from the Warehouse industry to the Barbering industry came with a host of challenges as well as sacrifices; however, it was well worth it. Scoop is committed to perfecting his craft in barbering and being the best version of himself both behind the chair and beyond. 


Tyree (@Ree.Fadez)            LICENSED BARBER

Tyree, also known as "Ree.Fadez", is very new to the barber world. Introduced by his father (Mic_Blade), Tyree has discovered his new craft, Barbering. Tyree is currently attending Robert Fiance for a full cosmetology Licence and is a new member to the 'Lifestyle' team. Although he is still learning, he picks up great skills and techniques daily as he continues to learn outside of school. He is destined to become a master barber in the near future.

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